Music Videos


Music videos are still the first choice if you want to generate interest for your releases. The rise of internet streaming platforms and social media has radically altered the way music videos are delivered and shortened the media cycle considerably, but music videos are still the first impression fans get.


Performance videos, artistic videos, story-lines, live footage or a mixture of these elements: creating music videos to further increase the  impact of your music is our passion and we work closely with artists to make your vision and your music come to life on the screen, big and small.


Digital production workflows have expanded the things you can do on a budget, but the production of high quality music videos is still time and cost intensive. But even more important, creative ideas are the basis for good results. Tell us about your idea or work with us to create a concept.


 Some things to consider:
– Do you have a basic idea/concept?
– What locations would be needed? Do you have access to extraordinary places?
– Would there be a need for actors/extras/props?
– Does your budget fit your needs?
– It’s better to concentrate on a creative idea then to go all out blockbuster

Pricing depends on the length & complexity.
Interested? Get in touch with us!