Blogs, studio reports, EPKs or full documentary features for DVDs/BLURAYs: There’s always a story to be told. In a time when fans are flooded with new releases and high quality music, how do you stand out? A good way is to let people take a look behind the scenes.

Plagues of Babylon

We have accompanied bands around the world and during the creation process of their albums (recent releases include The Ocean’s “Collective Oblivion”, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter’s “1000 Tage” and Iced Earth’s “Making of  The Plagues Of Babylon”) to create unique and captivating features.

1000 Tage

 A steady release of interesting and compelling content helps to build a lasting fan-base and keeps audiences engaged. To achieve this, we create documentary features that are entertaining, honest and exclusive.

Collective Oblivion

 What we can do for you:
– Interviews (arranged or “on the road”)
– Filming on tour / in the studio
– Research & collection of old material

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