Concert Recordings

Concert Recordings/Edits

It doesn’t matter if it’s a show in a small, sweaty club, a big venue or on a festival stage: we’ll help you capture the moment. We’ll work with you to find the perfect solution to fit your budget and needs, ranging from small setups (3-4 cameras) to bigger setups (including dollies, cranes, etc.).

DAR - Live @ Out & Loud

Audio recording, filming equipment, camera positions, coordination with venues and local crews: we take care of all the technical aspects so you can concentrate on the show. We can also provide a live-edit and live-streaming/screening (if necessary) and film additional material before and after the show for use in documentaries or in a making-of feature.

IE - Live in Ancient Kourion

Benefit from our wide ranging experience in editing concerts and creating BLURAYs and DVDs, as recording one or several shows is only the smallest part. Motion design, concert edits, bonus features and DVD/BluRay authoring: Every little detail is important to us as we want to create products that stand out.

Collective Oblivion

Recent releases:
The Ocean – Collective Oblivion
Iced Earth – Live in Ancient Kourion

Bands we have worked with (camera/edits):
Amon Amarth – Volbeat – Paul Kalkbrenner – Heaven Shall Burn – Edguy
Destruction – Dark Tranquility – Letzte Instanz – The Bones – Tangerine Dream
Ministry – Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Nevermore – Sodom and many more

Prices vary depending on the scale of the production.
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